Why Braces Make Your Teeth Yellow | 3 Effective Ways to Whiten Teeth

June 16, 2023

When it comes to dental braces, they can resolve almost all orthodontic issues — even if you have to bear slight discomfort for them to work. Yes, swollen or sore gums and pain might result from this orthodontic treatment, but there is another issue that affects your smile: yellow teeth! Wearing braces can lead to yellow teeth, which is not something anyone looks forward to. So, how to whiten teeth with braces? Stay with us till the end to find out.

Why Teeth Become Yellow With Braces

First, let us discuss why exactly dental braces lead to tooth discoloration. Since dental braces have components such as wires and brackets, it traps the food particles. Moreover, it might be difficult to remove all the food debris. Over time, the food collects between the wires and brackets, leading to a build-up of bacteria as well as plaque. This causes stains on the teeth, discoloring your smile.

You have to dedicate proper time to your oral care, with 2 minutes for thorough brushing and dedicating as much time as needed to floss each tooth. Moreover, limiting teeth-staining, acidic, and sugary foods can save your teeth from discoloration as well. That’s not all — reduce tobacco consumption for a healthy smile.

Preventing yellow teeth with braces is also possible if you keep up with your dental cleanings. You can also ask your orthodontist if fluoride treatments before and during braces are okay.

How to Whiten Teeth With Braces

The good news is: you can still save your teeth and have a bright smile! Here are some ways to whiten teeth with braces:

  1. Whitening Strips: Using whitening strips is an effective and convenient method of brightening teeth with braces. The bleaching agent in the strips will take 45 minutes to lift off the discoloration, leaving you with a bright smile. However, you can only apply whitening strips if you wear lingual braces or Invisalign, as traditional metal braces do not allow it to cover the entire surface of teeth.
  2. Whitening Trays: You can go for a whitening tray, asking your dentist to personalize it according to your teeth. All you have to do is put a small amount of gel on the tray and insert it in your mouth, wait 30 minutes, and take it out. You can repeat the process every day until you are satisfied with the results. This treatment, too, is not as effective with traditional metal wire braces.
  3. Professional Teeth Whitening: When it comes to teeth whitening, nothing comes close to the results of professional teeth whitening. Generally, the dental specialist applies a strong bleaching agent to the surface of your teeth, accelerating the process with the help of a special light. Talk to your dentist about the braces covering your teeth for proper whitening.

What’s Next?

If your teeth have been looking yellow due to braces, there are many ways to whiten them. At Cinco Ranch Family Dentistry, we do not compromise on quality and comfort. Therefore, dial (281) 407-5442 and schedule an appointment with us now. You can also visit us at 22167 Westheimer Pkwy Unit 110, Katy, TX. 77450.


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