Top 10 Signs Of A Tooth Infection

March 15, 2023

If you see white stuff oozing out of your mouth, it is time to take action immediately! A tooth infection can spread like wildfire, creating havoc wherever it spreads. It is a painful and potentially serious condition that affects not only your dental health but also your overall health. So, how fast can a tooth infection spread? Well, according to research, it can spread in days!

9 Symptoms of a Tooth Infection


Throbbing tooth pain is undoubtedly the most common symptom which presents when you have a tooth infection. The discomfort is severe and persistent, a pulsating feeling per se, exacerbating by eating, drinking, or biting down.


A swollen gum serves as a second to the clearest markers of an abscessed tooth. This change in gums may be accompanied by redness, tenderness, or warmth.


In almost all cases, you will see low-grade fever when the infection starts and spreads. It is an indicator that your body is fighting off the disease.

Halitosis – bad breath

A bad taste or odor in your mouth is unpleasant and can be a sign of a tooth infection. The change is brought about by the “pus” around your affected tooth.


Your tooth will start reacting to high temperatures like hot or cold, whether food or drink.

Difficulty swallowing

Your mouth is the door to another opening in your body, and the next stop is the throat. You may experience swallowing or breathing difficulties if your tooth infection has spread fast to other areas.


When the infection runs toward your sinuses, persistent headaches can be a nuisance. It is a sign that your infection has spread far.


Fatigue, along with nausea, is a sign that your body is fighting off the infection.

Rapid heartbeat

Sometimes, tooth infections can make your heart beat faster than normal, showing your body is stressed.

What Happens If the Infection Spreads?

If you leave a tooth infection untreated, it spreads to other parts of your body that become potentially life-threatening.

The germ manifestation can spread to your jawbone, resulting in osteomyelitis, a bone infection that weakens your jaw to cause permanent damage.

Other than that, It also moves along to your neck, causing Ludwig’s angina. In this condition, your airway is blocked and breathing becomes difficult.

Rarely, the infection may also move along to your brain, which may make you undergo a condition known as a brain abscess.


If you can see most of the signs happening to you, get in touch with a dentist as soon as you can; you may have a tooth infection. Once you do, a thorough exam and X-rays take place to determine the extent of your infection.

Treatment typically involves abscess drain, infected tissue removal, and an antibiotics course to kill the bacteria from within. You may need hospitalization for an IV drip of antibiotics or even surgery in severe cases.

Closing Note

Prompt treatment will save your life. If you can spot that your oral cavity is beeping, do not ignore the call and get in touch with a dentist from Cinco Ranch Family Dentistry for immediate treatment for your dental emergency. Dial (281) 407-5442 to connect with us.


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