Palateless Dentures: A New Era of Comfort

March 30, 2023

The struggles of a regular denture wearer are no secret; along with that, a lack of natural feeling is super unnerving. Well, we have an out for you. It is time to explore the world of palateless dentures. Yes, upper dentures without palate provide a more comfortable and natural-looking alternative to traditional ones.

Palateless dentures, just like their name suggests, do not cover the roof of your mouth. Often a common source of pain for denture wearers. Instead, their function depends on advanced materials and techniques to provide a secure fit and a more natural appearance.

What are Palateless Dentures?

They are any upper denture structures with no film/plate covering your upper palate. This includes dental implants, naturally retained tooth overdentures, fixed/removable restoration, etc.

Usually, this option is offered often for people with a highly sensitive gag reflex or those who have issues adjusting to the palate in a conventional denture.

Why Should You Choose a Palateless Denture?

An upper denture without a palate is stabilized with dental implants has multiple advantages that you must learn about, including:

  • It is firm and functions more like your natural teeth.
  • It’s cozier than traditional dentures and offers extra comfort.
  • The open palate elevates your sense of taste, and you get to delve into your favorite treats.
  • The dental implants trigger your jawbone, which prevents any sort of shrinkage that usually happens when all of your teeth go missing.

How To Place Upper Dentures Without A Palate?

Impressions – To guarantee that the denture fits properly and that your bite is properly aligned.
Dental implant insertion – After being inserted into your jawbone, dental implants will need their due time to heal.
Healing process – The implants will integrate with your jawbone in 3 to 6 months, giving your palateless denture a reliable base. You can put on a temporary denture in the meantime.

More impressions may be obtained after the healing period to make sure no adjustments are required to provide a precise fit. Your permanent denture will be manufactured, or permanent dentures. When they are prepared, they will be fitted, inspected, and snapped into dental implants.

Precision-Attached Dentures

Precision-attached dentures come under the umbrella of removable dentures that utilize precise attachments or connectors to secure the denture in place. Usually, these attachments are made of metal and are placed on the abutment teeth or dental implants.

Precision attachments offer an increasingly stable and secure fit compared to traditional ones since they rely on suction and dental adhesives to anchor in place. This kind of denture is often set aside for those patients who have lost some or all of their teeth.

Functionally Impressed Dentures

They are a type of denture designed to fit the unique contours of your mouth. This is achievable via a process, namely functional impression. This process involves taking impressions of the mouth while you are performing various functional movements. Some of such include chewing and speaking.

The resultant denture is made to custom-fit your oral cavity in a way that promotes proper function and comfort.

Final Note

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