Dental Night Guard in Cinco Ranch, TX

Our night guards in Cinco Ranch, TX are lifesavers for people who find themselves dealing with the consequences of nighttime teeth grinding. Bruxism, or grinding and clenching your teeth, can produce a variety of symptoms that can prove bothersome in your daily life.

Cinco Ranch Family Dentistry can provide patients relief with customized night guards in Cinco Ranch, TX. Contact us at (281) 407-5442 to schedule an appointment with us. We can help determine whether you need a night guard and provide a solution that works best for you.


What is Bruxism?

Cinco RanchBruxism is a condition in which your teeth grind, clench, or gnash together at night while you sleep. The reasons why this occurs are not fully understood, although genetics, stress and jaw misalignment can play a role. However, the behavior can leave individuals with the condition with several symptoms, such as:

  • Problems with motion of the mouth
  • Broken, chipped or loosened teeth because of constant friction, force, and contact
  • Cuts and bruises to the lips, cheeks and tongue
  • Soreness in the jaw, face and teeth
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Pain in the TMJ (temporomandibular joint)
  • Tooth and gum damage that can eventually cause tooth loss
  • Earaches and hearing problems because of muscle tension around the jaw

The condition can also have a serious impact on your sleep quality and, as a result, your work performance. You may find yourself having difficulty concentrating or performing routine tasks during the day.

Children who grind their teeth at night can also experience issues with their jaw development. If left unaddressed, the grinding can stretch out the jaws or cause misalignment of the teeth. Cinco Ranch Family Dentistry offers pediatric night guards and night guards for children in Cinco Ranch​, TX to avoid permanent damage from occurring in these early years.

We offer relief from bruxism with dental night guards in Cinco Ranch, TX. Contact us at (281) 407-5442 to meet with our team of professionals at our dental clinic to determine the best solutions for you.

What Is A Night Guard?

A night guard (also known as a dental guard or occlusal splint) is a dental appliance made of thin plastic or acrylic, which fits over the teeth. It is used to protect your teeth and the surrounding structures from the damage that can be caused by bruxism. Night guards can be small and unobtrusive, covering only the back teeth, or they can cover all of your teeth.

Night guards have several different designs that vary in size and shape to ensure a comfortable fit. Our Cinco Ranch, TX night guard specialists will take impressions of your mouth and discuss your treatment options with you to determine the best night guard for you.

Night guards are one of the most effective ways to relieve bruxism-related symptoms such as:

  • Jaw pain and headaches
  • Excessive drooling while asleep
  • Grinding noises while you sleep
  • Wearing down of tooth enamel
  • Muscle strain from constant movement.

While a custom-fit night guard may not eliminate the grinding behavior, it can help safeguard your teeth by reducing symptoms. You will be able to sleep better at night knowing that your smile and the health of your teeth is protected.

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Cinco Ranch Family Dentistry for custom night guards in Cinco Ranch, TX – we evaluate each patient to determine the best night guard solution for their needs. Call us at (281) 407-5442 to schedule an appointment.

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