Link Between Sinus Infection and Tooth Pain

October 15, 2022

A sinus infection is quite common and may also bring tooth pain. This is different from a regular kind of pain, and the target should be the sinus cavities, not the tooth. Besides a toothache, sinus pressure also causes sleep deprivation, pain during eating, and discomfort.

The prime reason for sinus causing pressure on your teeth and consequent pain is the seasonal hit and allergies.

Sinus Infection And Tooth Pain – What’s the link?

Sinusitis is the inflammation/ infection of sinus cavities (airy canal joining the inner area of the nose). Most of the time, upper respiratory tract infections or flu trigger it. Amongst the cavities, maxillary sinus lies behind the cheek, whereas the top back teeth’ roots are placed quite close to it.

At the time of inflammation and infection, fluid builds up in them. This exerts pressure on the nerves of the tooth roots. The pain you feel from a sinus block here resembles an aching tooth.

In a nutshell, pain in your teeth, in this case, is due to sinus pressure building up inside the head.

10 Signs That Your Unbearable Tooth Pain Is Due To Sinus Infection

If sinus pressure is hurting your teeth, there will be other symptoms of infection too. Some of which are:

  • Added pressure in the eyes
  • Forehead tenderness
  • Salty taste in the mouth
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Thick mucus
  • Sharp ear pain
  • Sore throat
  • Loss of taste and smell
  • Swelling in gums
  • Fever

How Can You relieve Sinus Pressure In Your Teeth?

Treating sinus tooth pain is best suited to a dentist. Meanwhile, here is what you can try to relieve toothache from the sinuses (pressure):

  • Hydration is the key to many problems; stay hydrated by taking ample water or other fluids.
  • Consume edibles that are well-known to reduce inflammation since that is the main cause of sinus tooth pain.
  • Calcium-enriched food items, like broccoli, leafy greens, asparagus, or bean sprouts, can easily counter-react to histamines, which are prime inflammation-causing elements. Therefore, adding food with calcium and vitamin C is a good option.
  • Do not cut back on orange juice or any other citrus fruits power packed with essential Vitamin C.
  • Edibles rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, also work on inflammation reduction.
  • To break the mucus and improve sinus drainage, breathe in steam with hot, moist air to relieve sinus pressure.
  • Rinse your sinus cavities with a saline solution to clear discharge and moisten the sinuses.

Tooth pain related to sinuses will go away as soon as the infection and consequent inflammation clear off. However, if the issue lies in the tooth itself, talk to a dentist for an accurate diagnosis.

Call The Dentist

Tooth pain, be it a dull ache or throbbing pain, is a sign that your oral cavity needs help. Do not ignore its call and head to your dentist immediately. If you reside in Katy, Texas, connect with dentists from Cinco Ranch Family Dentistry at (281) 407-5442.


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