Is that Brown Spot On Tooth Cavity or Stain?

September 30, 2022

A brown spot on your tooth can be unnerving since that is one of the first things to get noticed about you. It is a widespread phenomenon and is most likely to hit at least once in a lifetime. So, what is this black/ brown dot on your tooth? Is it a cavity or a simple stain? Let’s find out.

Brown Spot on Tooth – Causes

Many reasons make your teeth lose their pearly white appearance:

Eatables that contain pigments

Dark-pigmented foods are widely enjoyed by many they can stain the tooth enamel that looks like brown lines. Some of those foods are coffee, tea, wine, etc. other than that; if you are prone to have high sugar items, they can chip away the enamel.


Plaque is a bacterial and food debris mix that hardens to become tartar. Normally, plaque reduces via brushing and flossing. However, if the hygiene level is inadequate, tartar can cause brown spots and discoloration on the tooth.

Tooth decay

Tartar buildup can cause tooth infection, and decay can occur. This can lead to brown spots on teeth.


You might think that minerals like fluoride are all you need. However, excess fluoride can cause brown streaks on the teeth. This phenomenon is common in children who are 8 years or less in age.

Tobacco products

All products containing tobacco or nicotine can discolor teeth. Cigarette smoking and chewing tobacco can make particles stick up on the teeth forming dark patches on the tooth.

Enamel hypoplasia

People who suffer from this condition have less enamel than others. The cause is a deficiency in calcium, birth injury, toxin exposure or premature birth, etc. less enamel makes it easier to have brown spots.


Medicines like antibiotics can stain teeth. That is why abruptly stopping is not appreciated.


Teeth age with people too. Yellowing and browning of teeth is a natural process.

Preventing brown or black spots on teeth

Prevention is the ultimate approach to avoiding black or brown spots on the teeth. All you need to do is practice good oral hygiene. This includes brushing teeth 2x a day with 1x flossing and mouthwash.

It is a good option to opt for fluoride toothpaste for enamel health. You should brush your teeth after every meal; if not, then rinse your mouth after eating or drinking.

Additionally, if you have bad habits of nicotine consumption, limit it.

As far as dark pigment food is concerned, make sure you rinse sing a mouthwash after eating them.

Deep dental cleaning by a professional should be your priority. Bi-annual dental exams and treatment can help identify decay or staining.

Treatments for Brown Spots on Teeth

Home Remedies

  1. One of the easiest is using an OTC whitening strip or stick. Make sure not to overuse these whitening products since they have the tendency to harm the enamel.
  2. LED Whitening lights to help teeth.
  3. Remember to brush and floss daily.
  4. Mixing baking soda and water every fortnight as a toothpaste with regular brushing and flossing routine.

Professional Treatments To Go For

  1. Sealing and bonding of tooth enamel
  2. Professional Deep dental cleaning
  3. A crown or veneer replacement
  4. Teeth whitening by a professional
  5. Bleaching

Final Words

A Brown spot on the tooth is usually harmless and does not come up with pain – so that’s a stain. However, if the tooth becomes sensitive or starts bleeding from the gum line, that black dot may be a cavity. To know the exact cause, ask the professionals from Cinco Ranch Family Dentistry.


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