How Painful Is It To Get A Dental Crown?

October 15, 2023

Dental crowns might sound intimidating a bit, but they are God-sent when it comes to a variety of tooth troubles. Getting a crown does not hurt; whether your damaged tooth needs restoration or gap closure, they work wonders. Let’s dig into further details.

Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are available in a variety of materials, each with its unique abilities. The most popular choices are ceramic and porcelain because they are the closest to resembling natural teeth.

Two-Step Dental Crown Placement Process

Getting a dental crown is not a one-go process; it requires a bit of patience and is usually done in two appointments. Here’s what to expect:

  1. First Appointment: The first step is your dentist examining the tooth to discuss your options. If the natural tooth is damaged or cracked, it may necessitate having a filling done before it can support a crown. Once all the requirements are fulfilled, they will design a mold of your tooth and its surroundings. This mold ensures a perfect fit of the crown. In the end, they provide a temporary fix until the final one arrives.
  2. Second Appointment: This is the moment you have been anticipating – the final fixation of your dental crown. The temporary crown is taken off, and the new crown is bonded to your tooth. Special adhesive ensures a snug fit.

Does Getting A Dental Crown Hurt?

One of the most common concerns is the pain factor. The good news is that getting a dental crown is painless. Here’s why:

  • Numbing: Your dentist will start by numbing your mouth before any work is done. So, fret not about pain during the procedure.
  • Post-Procedure Pain: After crown placement, you might experience slight discomfort for a day or two as the numbing wears off. It is completely normal, and you can use any over the counter pain medicine for relief.

Recovery After The Procedure

After getting a dental crown, most patients experience mild discomfort and some amount of sensitivity. Here’s how you can tackle the situation better and take care of your new crown:

  1. Dietary Modifications: While you are allowed to eat and drink soon after the procedure, it is wise to avoid extremely hot or cold items for a few days. Steer clear from all sorts of chewy, crunchy, or tough foods as well.
  2. Apt Oral Care: You can use a sensitivity toothpaste, along with your over-the-counter pain medications, to manage any lingering discomfort.
  3. Bite Adjustment: If you find that your crown affects your bite, Do not worry! Your dentist can easily make adjustments in just a few minutes.

Closing Note

Do not let the fear of pain stop you from having your perfect teeth. If you wish to learn more, contact professionals from Cinco Ranch Family Dentistry at our dental clinic at 22167 Westheimer Pkwy Unit 110, Katy, TX. 77450. Connect via call at (281) 407-5442.


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