Do Teeth Whitening Strips? Are They The Right Choice For You?

May 15, 2022

We live in a world where our self-confidence is measured in likes and comments. Scrolling on your phone, looking at the picture-perfect smiles of strangers staring up; makes you wish you looked the same – doesn’t it?

Thanks to the fast way our world progresses, you can easily brighten up your smile at home in just a few minutes. One visit to your local pharmacy, and you’ll find an aisle full of accessible whitening strips. But do teeth whitening strips work? Are they truly as effective as they promise to be? Let’s find out!

Do Teeth Whitening Strips Really Work?

If you’re debating whitening your teeth at home, then the easiest way is to go for whitening strips. And the best part? They get the job done pretty quickly too! However, teeth whitening strips aren’t quite as beneficial as you might think. At least, not in the long run. That is to say, it’s not like you won’t get results. You will, but they’ll come with a price. After constant use, you’ll begin to notice heightened sensitivity in your teeth, or maybe your gums will start to bleed randomly. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Teeth whitening strips are good for when you’re in a hurry, but they’ll last you for a few weeks, at most. If you want a long-lasting result, though, getting professional teeth whitening might be more up your alley.

Difference Between Whitening Strips vs. Professional Dental Whitening

Having a skilled person work on your teeth versus doing it yourself can be very different. You can do your best to get effective results at home, but the outcome will be the same. Your teeth will lighten for only about a shade or two. On the other hand, if you get your teeth whitened professionally, you can choose how light you want to go. What’s more, you can choose from various teeth whitening methods. For instance, there’s Zoom Whitening, Laser Whitening, and even Tooth Bleaching! With endless options awaiting you, the choice is all yours.

Reasons To Get Your Teeth Whitened

Everyone has their own reasons to want to brighten up their smiles, but if you’re looking for a push, then here are a few reasons why teeth whitening is so popular. Maybe, this is your sign to get your teeth whitened too:

  1. Enhances your radiant smile.
  2. Makes you feel extra confident.
  3. Adds a touch of youthfulness.
  4. Improves your oral hygiene.
  5. Boosts your mental health.
  6. It’s super affordable.
  7. No surgery needed!

Are Whitening Strips Safe?

Teeth Whitening is extremely safe – but just like everything else, if you use it too much, there are consequences. Store-bought whitening strips get the job done pretty well, but there can be a few side effects if overused. Your teeth and gums can weaken their hold and get irritated pretty quickly. Nevertheless, with in-office teeth whitening, you have nothing to worry about. This is because when an experienced dentist is handling your teeth, they can monitor the outcome. This way, the procedure can be performed with extra care to minimize any risk.

The Final Takeaway

If you’ve made up your mind and are finally feeling confident enough to give your smile a boost, then go for it! Rather than wondering if whitening strips work and whether or not they’re right for you, book an appointment with Cinco Ranch Family Dentistry now! Call us anytime at (281)-407-5442, and we’ll be there to answer all your queries.


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