Can’t Get Dental Implants Because of Low Bone Density? Try Sinus Lift!

August 15, 2023

A confident smile positively impacts your life in a number of ways. This is why leaving your jaw as it is after losing a tooth is not right. Besides aesthetics, it also leads to bone loss with time which might need correction to get implants later. If such as situation occurs where your jaw bone needs treatment, dentists may opt for a sinus lift procedure. Let’s dig deeper into what it is and how it helps.

Sinus Lift Surgery

The sinus cavities are located on your face, behind the cheekbones, and above your upper teeth. The main goal of this surgery is to increase the bone area between the sinuses and the jaw to make a strong and stable foundation for dental implants. Usually, your dentist will perform this surgery where the upper jaw lacks bone quality and quantity.

When Should You Get Sinus Lift Surgery?

This dental procedure is recommended in these situations:

  1. Lack of Proper Jawbone Height: When you lose teeth and let the gap sit for a long time, the upper jaw density lessens, and the bone lacks the strength it needs to support dental implants.
  2. Close Sinuses: If your sinus cavities are too close to the jaw, it may hinder implant placement.
  3. Bone Resorption After Tooth Extraction/Loss: If you lose a tooth or undergo extraction, your jawbone may resorb, resulting in less bone volume for implants.
  4. Periodontal Disease: Bone loss due to untreated gum disease can make it difficult to get dental implants.
  5. Oral Pathology: Cysts or tumors can damage the jawbone, which may require sinus life repair before dental implant placement.

Sinus Lift Surgery – Types

This surgery comes under the banner of in-office procedures done under the influence of local anesthesia or IV sedation. There are two main techniques:

  1. Direct Sinus Lift Via Lateral Window Technique: In this procedure, oral surgeons make a cut in the gum to create a window for bone access (the sinus) and places a graft in that space.
  2. Indirect Sinus Lift via Osteotome Technique: This procedure is comparatively a less invasive approach and is useful when sufficient natural bone height is present. An osteotome elevates the sinus floor to place the implant.

Benefits of Sinus Lift Surgery

  1. Aids in Implant Placement: Sinus lift provides additional bone mass, facilitating the successful placement of dental implants.
  2. Restores Mouth Function: Sinus augmentation works for the betterment of biting, chewing, and speaking to make daily activities more comfortable.
  3. Betters Appearance: You get an attractive smile with the help of a proper bone and securely placed dental implants.
  4. Prevents Further Bone Loss: Sinus lift surgery shows two effects; 1. restores lost bone density and 2. halts the progression of bone loss by gum disease or tooth loss.

Closing Note

If you wish to know more about sinus lifts performed at Cinco Ranch Family Dentistry, get in touch with us at our dental clinic at 22167 Westheimer Pkwy Unit 110, Katy, TX. 77450. Connect via call at (281) 407-5442.


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