Bone Grafts and Sinus Lift in Cinco Ranch, TX

When getting dental implants, your dentist needs a stable, strong platform to install the implants into, allowing the implants to function correctly and provide a robust anchor onto which artificial teeth can be placed.

At Cinco Ranch Family Dentistry, we offer bone grafts and sinus lifts in Cinco Ranch, TX to make your restorative dental procedure free of complications and ensure successful surgery outcomes.

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What Are Bone Grafts and Sinus Lifts?

A bone graft is a surgical procedure where the dentist takes a donated tissue from another area of the patient’s mouth, sculpts it into shape, and inserts it into the patient’s jaw to help build up or increase the density and strength of their jawbone.

This procedure helps keep a steady supply of blood flowing to your jawbone, helping it heal quickly and effectively. If you are getting an implant in this area of your mouth, this procedure is especially important to maximize your chances of success, particularly if you don’t have enough bone to securely support an implant.

A sinus lift also accomplishes a similar goal, but for the upper teeth. This procedure involves removing the gum tissue on the roof of the mouth, which is then filled with donated bone from another part of the mouth.

When Are Bone Grafts and Sinus Lifts Necessary?

Our bone grafts and sinus lifts in Cinco Ranch are helpful for dental implants, particularly if you have had an accident in which your jaw has broken or fractured, rendering it incapable of supporting an implant, or have had missing teeth for quite some time. The roots of the teeth stimulate the surrounding jaw bone and prevent deterioration, and in their absence, the jawbone can atrophy and become weak.

A bone graft or sinus lift enhances the support capabilities of the bone, and a subsequently placed dental implant performs the same stimulating task as a natural tooth’s root, helping maintain bone mass in the area.

In addition to the increased strength and density provided by bone grafts and sinus lifts, these procedures are also useful for many other reasons. They help heal broken or damaged facial bones, and even prevent tooth loss.

Patients who have had a large amount of damage to their facial bones as a result of trauma or accident can also regain the normal shape and strength of their facial bones.

At Cinco Ranch Family Dentistry, we offer bone grafts and sinus lifts in Cinco Ranch, TX for patients that need it, ensuring successful placement of implants and restoring bone density. Please get in touch with us at (281) 407-5442 for any questions or concerns.

Are There Any Side Effects of Bone Grafts or Sinus Lifts?

Bone grafts and sinus lifts have a very low rate of complications. The procedures are performed safely and effectively in a professional dental setting, with the patient under general anesthesia if required. The risks of these surgeries are minimal, and the incidental complications of these procedures are very rare.

What Does Recovery Look Like After The Procedure?

In most cases, patients are able to return to work within a week of receiving their bone grafts or sinus lifts, and are able to return to their normal activities in as little as two weeks.

However, it may take anywhere from 3-6 months for healing to complete and allow the placement of an implant. If you are receiving a bone graft or sinus lift in conjunction with an implant, the overall healing process may take about a year.

Ready to get started?

If you are not sure about whether you need a bone graft or sinus lift, our expert restorative dental specialists in Cinco Ranch can help. Call us today at (281) 407-5442, and we’ll be happy to help.

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