Is Gum Disease (gingivitis) Contagious?

Aug 30, 20227296 Views

Gingivitis is a frequently appearing form of periodontal disease due to bacterial manifestations in the gums. As the name indicates, gingivitis is the inflammatory condition of the gums. One of the frequently asked questions includes, is gingivitis a contagious condition? It is possible to transmit bacteria or viruses through oral contact from one person to […]

Is That A Blood Blister On Your Lip?

Aug 15, 20224527 Views

Mouth Blood Blister A mouth blister with blood is more like a bumpy formation on the inner portion like your cheek in the oral cavity. It primarily comprises of blood and other fluids. The main reason for the emergence of oral blisters is the breaking of blood vessels underneath the skin. The liquid which oozes […]

When Do Dentists Use Temporary Tooth Filling?

Jul 30, 20227089 Views

A poor oral hygiene regime can cause multiple kinds of dental issues such as tooth decay, salty or metallic taste in the mouth, etc. Dental treatments help get rid of your tooth troubles. For example, a dental filling aids in treating tooth decay and damage that has been going on for years. However, your dentist […]

Why Do I Have Stained Teeth?

Jul 15, 20223121 Views

A cavity vs stain, how can you spot what is there on your teeth? Usually, it is confusing for people to distinguish between a cavity or a stain on the teeth. This is mainly due to their similar appearance. Comparing the two, a cavity is much more severe and can lead to far-reaching consequences such […]

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last? Which Method Should I Go for?

Jun 30, 20228143 Views

Having a perfect smile is the standard these days. That’s why teeth whitening has become so popular. But spending so much on a process that just might not work can be a bit of a letdown. However, with so many options at the tip of your fingers, there has to be something that works, right? […]

What to Eat After Tooth Extraction: 9 Delicious Foods to Choose From

Jun 15, 20223040 Views

Did you recently get a tooth pulled out from its roots? Ouch. Tooth extraction can be pretty painful but, at times, necessary. Be it a decaying tooth needing urgent removal or a scheduled wisdom tooth extraction — the soreness doesn’t just magically vanish. Due to this, what you eat after a tooth extraction surgery is […]

Braces or Invisalign: Which is Better?

May 30, 20223867 Views

Traditional metal braces have been used for many years to correct orthodontic problems. But with recent advancements, Invisalign has taken over as it offers cosmetic benefits compared to braces. Both of these treatment options have pros and cons, so it can become difficult to choose the best one. Professional help from our dentists can help […]

Do Teeth Whitening Strips? Are They The Right Choice For You?

May 15, 20224973 Views

We live in a world where our self-confidence is measured in likes and comments. Scrolling on your phone, looking at the picture-perfect smiles of strangers staring up; makes you wish you looked the same – doesn’t it? Thanks to the fast way our world progresses, you can easily brighten up your smile at home in […]

Here are 7 Types of Veneers You Can Choose From for a Brilliant Smile

Apr 30, 20225487 Views

What are Veneers? You probably know what a regular makeover looks like, but have you ever heard of a ‘Smile Makeover’? — That’s right. Nowadays, even your smile can get a makeover of its own! In the world of dentistry, however, the process of cosmetically altering your teeth is known as getting Dental Veneers. Veneers […]

5 Gum Abscess Stages You Should Be Able To Identify

Apr 30, 20224466 Views

What is a Gum Abscess? Did you wake up to find a small pocket of pus growing on your swollen gums? If so, there’s a high chance you might have developed a gum abscess. Fear not, though, because although it might look terrifying, it’s not life-threatening. Nonetheless, in some cases, an abscess that has been […]


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