Aging and Wisdom Teeth Extraction – When Is It Too Late?

May 15, 2023419 Views

If you are in your 30s or older with your wisdom teeth intact, you might wonder whether it is too late to extract them. Well, it depends entirely on your circumstances. Let’s explore the factors determining whether you are too old for wisdom teeth extraction and what you can expect from the procedure. Aging and […]

Aftercare Tips For Fast Healing of Gums After Tooth Extraction

Apr 30, 2023729 Views

Losing a tooth is a painful experience in its entirety but a necessity in certain situations for your overall dental health. One of the biggest concerns after a tooth extraction is how long it will take for your gums to heal. The recovery time varies but is not long; with good aftercare, then the gums […]

5-Step Guide To Deal With Temporary Crown That Has Fallen Off Its Place

Apr 15, 2023523 Views

Oh no! Did your temporary tooth crown just fell off your mouth? We understand that it can be frustrating and uncomfortable, leaving you with a visible gap in your smile. But what could have caused it? Well, whether you were eating hard-to-bite food or simply woke up to find the crown missing, it is necessary […]

Palateless Dentures: A New Era of Comfort

Mar 30, 2023847 Views

The struggles of a regular denture wearer are no secret; along with that, a lack of natural feeling is super unnerving. Well, we have an out for you. It is time to explore the world of palateless dentures. Yes, upper dentures without palate provide a more comfortable and natural-looking alternative to traditional ones. Palateless dentures, […]

Top 10 Signs Of A Tooth Infection

Mar 15, 2023664 Views

If you see white stuff oozing out of your mouth, it is time to take action immediately! A tooth infection can spread like wildfire, creating havoc wherever it spreads. It is a painful and potentially serious condition that affects not only your dental health but also your overall health. So, how fast can a tooth […]

Why Choose In-Office Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Feb 28, 2023908 Views

Want to get rid of that yellow peeking teeth but are confused about an in office zoom teeth whitening procedure? Well, don’t be. Teeth whitening might be the best gift you have given your mouth in ages! Let’s delve in deeper. Top 5 Zoom Teeth Whitening Benefits Here’s why you should not second guess teeth […]

Lip and Tongue Tie Symptoms

Feb 15, 2023622 Views

Lip and tongue tie in your child is not something you should leave as it is. Get in touch with your pediatric dentist immediately in such a situation. This issue can be a source of discomfort for not only your baby but you as well. What Actually Is Lip and Tongue Tie? Lip and tongue […]

How much do teeth cleanings hurt?

Jan 30, 20231645 Views

You know, the yellow hardened stone-like deposit you are trying to get off from regular brushing won’t budge at home. Professional teeth cleaning is a routine dental procedure involving plaque and tartar removal from your teeth. Your dental care expert uses special tools for it. So, do teeth cleanings hurt? No, even with different tools, […]

Bridge or Dental Implant – Which One Is Better?

Jan 15, 2023752 Views

Both dental implants and bridges are the best missing tooth restoration options, but which one is better? How do you decide which option to choose between these two? Just like all treatments, they have pros and cons. A dental implant vs. bridge, what should you go for? What Are Dental Implants – Pros and Cons […]

How Is Wisdom Tooth Cutting Cheek Tissues A Problem

Dec 30, 20221972 Views

If your wisdom tooth is cutting into your cheek, it is most likely growing partially or impacted. An impacted wisdom tooth is stuck in the gums or jawbone and cannot fully pop out. This can be due to the following: Lack of space in your mouth Because the tooth is positioned at an angle that […]


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