5 Reasons why you should get all on 4 dental implants

December 15, 2022

You can now fix your entire set of teeth withAll on 4dental implants. These prosthetics are your solution to a perfect smile and functional restoration. An all-on-4 dental implant serves the purpose of fully reviving your jawbone tissues too.

Some of the advantages at the top of our heads include:

  1. No removal requirement on a daily basis.
  2. TheAll-on-4 dental implantsstimulate your jawbone, maintaining bone strength and keeping it from deteriorating.
  3. Usually, there is no need to get bone grafts.

All on 4 Dental Implants – The Pros and Cons

Let’s first start with the advantages of getting them.

Treatment Time

An all on 4 dental implant takes only one appointment. There is no need to spend an entire day back and forth from the clinic. You will be able to work or go to school the very next day.

The surgery and implant placement, or if any bone grafting is involved, all is done in a single day. It takes no more than 2 hours per arch.

High Success Rate Of The Surgery

This all-on-4 dental treatment is the most effective surgery to fix teeth today. According to surveys, the patient success rate is about 94 percent after 10 years.

Bone Grafts are Not Needed

Usually, there is no need for bone grafts. The implants are in such a location there is usually no need for bone grafts.

Fast Post-Op Healing

All-on-4 mouth implants have a much faster healing rate than traditional dentures that require a few months’ time. Usually, the patients go back to work in a few days without any strong medication. The implant starts fusing with the jawbone from day one; therefore is secure and causes no pain from rubbing.

Betterment In Eating and Speaking

Eating and speech pattern will be better, too, compared to dentures since they are fixed onto the gums. All-on-4s are screwed inside the jawbone, which makes speaking natural.

As far as eating is concerned,All-on-4sdo not hinder your soft palate, so the taste sensation works fine.

The disadvantages – All-on-4 dental implants

Dietary Restrictions

One of the issues that you might have is diet change. You need to switch to a liquid diet for the first 2-3 weeks after surgery. Then, it is possible to move on to semi-solid. This lasts for six months, during which the implant fuses with bone tissue.

Bite Issues

It is a problem if the tooth falls or taken out was at the back since all on 4s can’t fix at the back of the mouth because of bite forces. Your dentist will have to insert it deep to make a stable base.

High Cost

The prices usually vary according to geographical locations and individuality (case severity). On average, all-on-4 dental implants cost around $10,000-$20,000 per arch; however, it is worth it for mouth health in the long run.

Gum Tissue Tenderness

Tenderness, where the insertion was done, is a given. This does not change with All-on-4s. Expect tenderness and soreness in the area of insertion until the implant sites fully heal, considerably while eating. However, note that this is perfectly normal and shall pass within a few weeks.

Final Words

All on 4 dental implants will be the best decision for your missing tooth. However, if you are having second thoughts, dentists in Cinco Ranch from Cinco Ranch Family Dentistry can help. Give us a call at (281) 407-5442 to know more.


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